How to choose a filler ?

Hey! My name is Aaron Jonas M.D. and I am a cosmetologist with over
10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. In this article, I’ll show you what to
look for when choosing a filler.
The most popular fillers among my patients are biodegradable. They are
safe for the body, as they dissolve over time and are completely excreted from the
Fillers vary in composition and viscosity. Each of them is called upon to
fulfil their tasks.
Fillers that are based on hyaluronic acid stimulate the production of
elastin and collagen and provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect. For example,
fillers such as Revolax Fine, Hyafilia Petit, Rejeunesse Fine are suitable for
correcting fine, superficial wrinkles. The results from the procedure will be
noticeable for up to 12 months.
For the correction of deep, static wrinkles (nasolabial and between the
eyebrows) and facial contouring (lip augmentation, nose shape correction), more
viscous fillers are used, such as Neuramis Deep, Rejeunesse Deep or HyalDew.
Also, the filler Bellast ultra plus 24 works great with nasolacrimal wrinkles,
nasolabial folds and can be used to correct the jawline, sunken cheeks, nose tip, as
well as to enlarge the nose and chin. The effect of these fillers is noticeable for up
to 12-18 months.
Dermalax ™ Implant Plus has a high degree of viscosity, which is used
to fill deep folds on the face and reshape the face, lips, cheeks and chin. The filler
Beads MAX Classic H is used to increase the volume of the buttocks and breasts,
correct wrinkles in the décolleté area, face contouring and repair scars. It works
effectively for up to 18 months.
Filler Aesthefill contains poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates the
production of its own collagen in the dermis, thus reducing wrinkles and
thickening tissues. It is used for deep correction of the oval of the face,
augmentation of the chin, cheekbones, and restoration of relief after deep scars. Its
effectiveness lasts up to 2 years.
To reduce pain during the procedure, some fillers include lidocaine. These
are Regenovue Deep Plus Lidocaine, Neuramis Deep Lidocaine and others.
And, of course, you need to remember that it is important not only to
choose a high-quality, proven product but also to choose a professional doctor who
can correctly install fillers. You can read more about them in my article “Fillers:
What You Need to Know About Them?”

Your Doctor Aaron Jonas M.D.


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